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The value of the best rest



To get the best comfort, you have to choose the best raw materials. To achieve the best rest experience, you have to be talented to combine them.


Every Excelsior expresses our art in sleeping and living skills, with no other limit than our own imagination along with the skill to turn it into reality.

Each mattress reflects our highest demand to perfectly integrate the best materials

and the know-how of our master craftsmen.

At Magister Excélsior, we infuse everything we do with love for our trade,

we make our spirit of excellence grow every day,

and we always keep in mind ... the value of the best rest.


A careful selection of products made with the best materials

premiums for the world of rest

Natural fibers, 100% natural latex, horsehair, pocket micro springs

individually, ready to offer the most natural feeling possible.

We also select the most modern and state-of-the-art technical foams that, combined to perfection with the talent and skill of our master craftsmen, achieve a unique, refined and pleasant experience.

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