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A new dimension in comfort and relaxation is what it feels like to sleep at the Bombay.


Soft but resilient, this mattress envelops you like a cloud, adapting anatomically to our body. Ergonomic weightlessness for all our senses.


Bombay is the perfect symbiosis of tradition and technology. The best of both worlds fused in this mattress. Natural silk, and an exclusive combination of the most innovative foams, embrace us to transport us to a world of extreme comfort. Thanks to the high resilience of its raw materials, flexibility and adaptation are a constant when resting in Bombay.


As support, Bombay has our exclusive double shell system of micro pocket springs, each one reacting individually so that you do not feel the movements of your bed partner and provide each area of ​​the body with the support it needs. Furthermore, this mattress offers the possibility of customizing the softness of your lying down in two degrees of firmness according to the tastes and needs of each one.



Finally Bombay is dressed in an exclusive 100% soft viscose satin, perfect to transmit each and every one of the sensations of this wonderful mattress.

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A careful selection of products made with the best materials

premiums for the world of rest

Natural fibers, 100% natural latex, horsehair, micro pocket springs

individually, ready to offer the most natural feeling possible.

We also select the most modern and state-of-the-art technical foams that, combined to perfection with the talent and skill of our master craftsmen, achieve a unique, refined and pleasant experience.

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