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Congratulations, you have just purchased a Magister mattress. This mattress will take care of your dreams and look after your health and well-being for the years to come.


Each Magister mattress reflects our highest demand and commitment to the people who enjoy them. By using the best raw materials and combining them with the talent of our master craftspeople, we can ensure that your nights will be a unique and pleasant experience.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed at Magister.


Thanks for trusting us.





Congratulations, you have just purchased a mattress that will take care of your dreams for years to come. At Magister we have set out to create the best rest possible. Each order, each mattress represents a commitment to the people who will enjoy them and their quality of life. For this reason, our beds are much more than a product, they are the reflection of our passion for what we do and the result of a lifetime of acquired experience. At Magister we pamper your dreams and rest. Investing in the MAGISTER is investing in health and well-being. Thanks for trusting us.


At MAGISTER we use high quality materials and for this reason we certify each and every one of our mattresses. Our raw materials are produced and processed in the European Community and are therefore developed under exhaustive quality controls and respect for the environment. In order for each of the materials to retain their properties and maintain optimum performance, we recommend following some simple guidelines for use and maintenance. - Do not fold or roll your mattress under any circumstances, as it could damage the core and the guarantee would be invalidated. When moving, pack the mattress correctly and keep it horizontally supported at all times.


- Your MAGISTER is padded and upholstered with natural raw materials, it is important to keep the mattress clean and protected from moisture and direct sunlight. For this we recommend the use of a breathable cover that will safeguard your mattress from any unforeseen event.

- Do not use the vacuum cleaner at maximum power or, failing that, use a soft brush for clothes. The natural materials with which your mattress is made could be displaced or caked by the effect of vacuuming.

- Rotate and/or flip your mattress regularly, it will lengthen its life and its benefits.

- You may notice a slight odor from the natural materials your MAGISTER is made of. This new odor will dissipate very quickly by properly aerating the litter. Simply by keeping the temperature and humidity of the room stable and removing the bedding in the first few days.

- Do not sit regularly on the edge of your mattress, it will put undue pressure on the core and may cause the side seams to tear.

- Do not jump or stand on the mattress.

- Use a suitable base or divan for your mattress, you will avoid deformation and get the most out of it. Following these simple tips will extend the life of your mattress and get the best performance and the best rest from it.



Visible defects, such as scratches, stains, defective zippers, unstitching that have NOT been claimed in the time of delivery of the goods or within 7 days of receipt.

- Damage caused by improper use (see advice on care and maintenance) or those derived from transport at the customer's expense.

- Measurement variations of MAGISTER products, less than +20mm / -20mm, which are contemplated and allowed in the European regulation on tolerance of measures of rest products UNE-EN 1334.

- Products that have been manipulated by personnel external to MAGISTER.

- Height losses less than 10% - Mold stains produced by excess humidity in the room, low temperatures and lack of air circulation.

- The smells of the mattress during the first days. New equipment usually gives off a certain smell that quickly disappears after a few days (see care and maintenance advice).


All our mattresses are covered by the MAGISTER guarantee.

We guarantee free repair or replacement due to manufacturing defects for a period of FIVE years. Excluded from this guarantee are damages caused in accordance with Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007, not entitling the following cases to this guarantee:

- Deterioration caused by improper or inadequate use of the product.

- Wear caused by the normal use of the product, stains and breakage of fabrics and/or handles.

The buyer will have a period of 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of his bed or mattress, to claim any visible defect that it may have. Read stains, scratches, broken handles, unstitched seams, zippers. At the end of this period, it will be accepted that the product was received in perfect condition.

If you have to use this guarantee, please, have in your possession the original invoice or receipt of having made the purchase and go to the store where you made the purchase. Once this is done, we will evaluate the incident and authorize, if applicable, the repair or replacement of the defective product. In this case, we will proceed to indicate the mode of shipment, repackaging or any other information that is necessary for the correct collection.


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We are true to our commitment to quality and environmental sustainability. We only work with materials that obey current national and international regulations. This requirement is reflected in the excellence of our raw material suppliers, who prove, with the most rigorous certifications, all the components with which our rest equipment are manufactured.





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