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Nacre is, undoubtedly, the perfect balance of comfort at rest. It is the success of the middle ground, a commitment between a smooth reception and firm support. Nacre is the perfect mattress to shelter from the world, a bastion of rest suitable for the most demanding.


In this mattress, a careful selection of natural fibres is combined: silk, mohair and cotton with our 100% natural micro-punched latex; a pocked nano-spring blanket and our most recognised hypersoft, Airsoft. As a base for all these layers, this mattress has horsehair.


Our exclusive double-case system of pocket micro-springs provides support to Nacre. Each case reacts individually, so that the sleeper does not feel the movements of another sleeper, and provides each area of the body with the support it needs.


Its details give it a strong character. A soft and warm jacquard dresses this mattress with simple elegance, highlighted by an ecological cotton and viscose finish. These details make Nacre the right choice.

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A careful selection of products made with the best materials

premiums for the world of rest

Natural fibers, 100% natural latex, horsehair, micro pocket springs

individually, ready to offer the most natural feeling possible.

We also select the most modern and state-of-the-art technical foams that, combined to perfection with the talent and skill of our master craftsmen, achieve a unique, refined and pleasant experience.

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